S01E15 – Do Controversial Topics On Social Media Hurt Small Businesses?

In this episode, the hosts debate whether a small business should risk chiming in on controversial topics through social media. Is the potential profit and brand goodwill worth the risk of rubbing potential clients/customers the wrong way?

Taniza’s bottom line:
If your small business decides to chime in on a controversial topic, do so strategically after doing your research, and be prepared to respond constructively (not react aggressively) to criticism

Tim’s bottom line:
Stand in your truth. Be controversial from day zero, stay consistent, and build your audience from that perspective. When you expect a controversial opinion to deviate from your core message, express the opinion with integrity and compassion.

Tim and Taniza agree:
When a small business chooses to present a controversial idea, it should be done with respect, without name-calling, and without aggression. Instead, consider engaging in a constructive, compassionate conversation

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