S01E02 – Free Website Builders Are the Worst

More than a dozen website hosting companies are ready to set every entrepreneur up with a free, modern-looking website that’s easy to create. But are the glitzy commercials with paid celebrities really promoting something you need for free with no catch? Discover the reasons why all-that-glitters-and-is-available-for-free-with-easy-to-use-templates is not gold.



  • Website hosting companies tend not to be transparent about the business behind the business. In other words, they need to profit from users somehow. Hidden fees and/or obligations can be costly.
  • Sometimes the functionality isn’t as easy as companies make it out to be. Template and platform flexibility might have been exaggerated.
  • Ownership is a major concern. The entrepreneur probably doesn’t own the website name or the look and feel. So when it’s time to move into another platform, there’s no way to transfer your work. You’ll have to retype and redesign your website from scratch or pay $100’s – $1,000s to purchase the assets.
  • The provided tools and templates stifle creativity and diminish the entrepreneur’s personality. Brand-building goes beyond the logo and complementary website color scheme.

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